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IMG_1951The Adelaide KM Group is an opportunity for us to meet and exchange ideas, information, thoughts and ideason how we are actually using KM successfully, and to 'spread the word' about the benefits of a connected KM society. Many of us are already associated with colleagues in other states and territories in Australia and elsewhere who are busily working away on their KM projects. So let's also find out what they are doing and importantly how they are doing it; and what works, and what sometimes doesn't. The group was initiated by Dr Helen Paige, and Mr Ian Fry, and has been meeting regularly since 2008.

OpenState 2016 - Knowledge and Innovation

We ran our first public event as part of OpenState, in conjunction with the University of Adelaide, and were greatly encouraged to do more in the future. Some images from the Knowledge Café session.
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Dr Helen Paige

Founder and Director, The Paige Group, Principal Advance Knowledge Networks

Helen is experienced Chair and Director.  She became interested in the ‘concept’ of KM as she explored the topic of learning and the knowledge-based economy in 2001, while undertaking doctoral research.  This interest was heightened by investigating the distinction between ‘information’,‘knowledge’,’explicit and tacit knowledge’, and learning; and the crucial role that the internet provided in this story – as it was the catalyst that allowed the emergence of the knowledge-based economy.

She was a Founder of Adelaide KM in 2001, and is a Co-coordinator of the group, along with Ian Fry.  She is a frequent presenter at KM conferences both nationally and internationally, and has been a Key Note speaker, facilitator, and discussion leader, particularly for World Knowledge Cafes in Sydney, The Philippines, London, NYC, Portugal, Cyprus, and India.  She has Chaired KM Australia, presented at many KM conferences for Ark, and is a published author and editor on KM, and was recently awarded a 2016 Knowledge Management Leadership Award, by the Global Knowledge Management Congress and Awards for leadership and contribution to the field of KM.

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Mr Ian Fry

Knowledge Management consultant at Knoco Australia

Ian has a track record of nearly 50 years in Information Systems, and from 2003 onwards migrated into Knowledge Management, winning an ACTKM Gold Award for major KM projects in Insurance. Subsequently he formed Knoco Australia as a franchise of Knoco Limited, a world-wide group of Knowledge Management Consultants. 

One of Ian’s specialties is Lessons Learned and he also provides the development and world-wide support for the Lessons Management Hub (LMH) software package. 

Ian has published chapters in various KM and LL related books, and is a regular speaker on Knowledge Management.

He is a foundation member of Adelaide KM.

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Jayne Mason

Creative Collaborator

Creative Collaborator for Inspired Innovation and, International Wisdom Sharing with many inspired thought leaders to create new infinite potentials and inspired outcomes for humanity’s creative evolution.

Mark Thomason

Manager Risk and Lessons Management

Mark is currently the Manager of Risk and Lessons Management with the SA Country Fire Service. He has over 35 years experience within the Fire Service. CFS.  Mark is a Level 3 incident Controller managing large fires and emergencies including Black Saturday Fires in Victoria. . Mark is a Churchill Fellow studying incident management in the USA in 2000 as well as presenting a paper on Human Factors in Incident Management.  Mark has previously been involved in a number of national work groups in incident management and lessons management where he co-authored the Emergency Management Australia handbook on Lessons management. Mark is currently a member of the Knowledge Innovation and Research Utilisation Group within Australasian Fire Authorities Council.

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